About Us 

Texas Warehouse Association WAREPAC was formed to provide the warehousing industry a voice in Texas. Protecting the interests of our members is the primary function of WAREPAC. With the political environment of the Texas legislature continuously looking for creative ways to tax businesses it is imperative that we stay up to date on the regulations and taxes that are being discussed that could have an impact on running our businesses. 

Some of the ways WAREPAC protects our interests are by: 

  • Representing the industry before the various state commissions & agencies. 
  • Testifying for the members of the industry before the senate and legislative committees and sub committees. 
  • Monitoring actions of the Texas Legislature to assure that actions that are detrimental to the industry are swiftly addressed. 
  • Analyzing and attempting to solve the various problems common to the industry statewide. 
  • Promoting legislation designed by the association to assist the warehouse industry in its efforts to make a profit. 
  • Identifying and supporting groups that are trying to improve the trucking regulatory situation in Texas. 
  • Representing the warehouse industry before shipper groups that may be creating problems for the industry.


Contact Us:

PO Box 1027
Leander, TX 78646