McLane to create 550 jobs with average pay of $55,000 at new south Fort Worth distribution center

By CMP Management on Nov 12, 2018 at 02:44 PM in Industry News

McLane Co. is building a new grocery warehouse in Fort Worth's Carter Industrial Park that will create at least 550 new jobs by 2020.

The 625,000-square-foot facility will cost $18 million and is expected to open in March. It will be fully operational by December 2019, the company said. McLane is one of the largest wholesalers of groceries and foodservice supplies to convenience stores, major chains, drug stores and restaurants.

The new facility at 7550 Oak Grove Road is bringing jobs to "an underserved area of Fort Worth," said Mayor Betsy Price. The facility will employ 400 distribution center workers and 150 drivers with average annual wages of $55,000.

Tuesday night, Fort Worth City Council approved an incentives package that will provide McLane with annual grants for five years if it meets job creation, investment and hiring requirements. The grants could total as much as 50 percent of the business property taxes collected by the city on the distribution center in the previous year. 

The city estimates the annual grants will be worth $363,250. McLane also qualifies for a state sales tax refund of up to $1.25 million over five years if it hires 500 or more workers.

Fort Worth's incentives package requires McLane to hire Fort Worth residents for 30 percent of the jobs and an additional 10 percent from central city neighborhoods. At least 15 percent of annual service and supply spending will be with minority and women-owned businesses, McLane said.

Temple-based McLane, which operates more than 80 distribution centers across the U.S. to supply 50,000 locations, considered opening the new facility in Arkansas and Oklahoma before deciding on Fort Worth, said Tony Frankenberger, president of grocery at McLane.

McLane has another foodservice distribution center at 7301 Trinity Blvd. in east Fort Worth. Walmart and 7-Eleven are among McLane's largest customers.