Satellite Logistics Group, Inc.-1

Satellite Logistics Group, Inc.

 Satellite Logistics Group, Inc.-1

12621 Featherwood Dr., Ste.390
77034 Houston
TX United States

Contact: Joe Manchaca
Ph: (281) 902-5500
Fax:(281) 902-5501
Email: [email protected]

 Satellite Logistics Group, Inc.-2


We serve clients by innovating and delivering efficient beverage supply chain solutions.

At Satellite Logistics Group (SLG), we orchestrate complex beverage global supply chain networks, delivering innovative, comprehensive value chain solutions for leading brands.

Import breweries, domestic breweries, U.S. importers and beer wholesalers depend on our reliable beverage supply chain consulting and beverage logistics services. With 30 years of industry expertise and experience, we understand the beverage supply chain challenges our customers face and know how to address them.

Based on your unique needs, we’ll design scaleable, turnkey solutions and execute them flawlessly. With our network of 1,600 wholesalers and 16 certified Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) around the country, we’re well positioned to meet your needs.

We also invest in the resources — facilities, personnel, processes, and technology — to strengthen our customers’ beverage supply chains. Not only does this give you a competitive edge in the marketplace, it enables you to remain focused on your core business.

We recently partnered with the JF Hillebrand Group, a global beverage logistics company with a network of 48 offices and representation in 83 countries. Their beverage logistics expertise and global footprint will be valuable resources as we expand our business domestically and internationally.

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