About Us & Our Mission

The Texas Warehouse Association is a Texas not-for-profit organization, formed for the purpose of presenting a unified voice to the agencies, commissions and legislative bodies that would seek to further regulate the activities of the warehouse industry in Texas.

The beginning of the Texas Warehouse Association came in 1989 when 7 DFW Metroplex warehousemen met to discuss plans for improving the image of the warehouse industry. State and federal agencies and commissions were daily writing directives and passing laws that would make it difficult for an individual warehouseman to continue to serve customers and make a profit. The seven warehousemen decided that an organized effort was necessary and set out to form a statewide trade association in Texas. This action was taken after it was decided that none of the existing organizations could do the job that was needed.

Texas Warehouse Association is comprised of warehouse logistics providers and associate members who offer industry related products and services. The organization was formed in 1989 to:

  • Promote education and professional development to our members which enable them to be more effective within our industry.
  • Become an extension of each members marketing effort to attract business to Texas and to Texas warehouses.
  • Build relationships and camaraderie between other members in the warehousing and transportation industries.
  • To have a voice in the state legislature regarding issues that could affect the warehousing industry. Includes identifying and supporting groups working to improve regulations affecting our industry.

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